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 A selection of some of the ponies (and horses) we have recently sold



Hillydale Sarabande 

Reg PB APSB yearling filly.  By Mallawa Park Il Divo out of Bamborough Lulu.  Sold to a very experienced show home. 

Lydena Insignia

Reg RPSB gelding, gone to a lovely local home to do pony club and showing.  Consignment sale


Windsong Silhouette

Reg Australian Pony mare.  Sold to a very experienced home to become a member of a pinto trick pony troup and take the kids to pony club.


 Hillydale Scherzo

Reg PB APSB yearling filly, sold to the same lovely family as Carmen.



Berragoon Black Jack

Reg ASH gelding.  Now living nearby and being ridden by all of the family.  Consignment sale

Corymbia Rosemonde

Reg ASH mare.  Rosie was started at Hillydale and is now living in Dubbo with an older lady rider.

 Wingsong Serenade

Reg Australian pony mare.  Sold to a country home in Bathurst to teach the kids how to ride. 

Is sadly missed but we know she will be delighting her new home.  Started and shown under saddle at Hillydale.

Linden Lymric

Reg Welsh Section A rising 3YO gelding, 11.2hh.  Started under saddle here at Hillydale, this cheeky young fellow has gone a very experienced local home to further his education with a 7 year old rider under the watchful eye of a very capable mum.




9hh, 5YO shetland gelding who was started at Hillydale. Has gone to an experienced horsey home in Murrumbateman and will be unwrapped at a five year old's birthday party in a few days time.  Consignment sale


14YO, 13hh gelding.  We had a real soft spot for this little man because of his friendly personality.  He is has gone to a lovely family on a large property at Gundagai.  Repeat buyers who we know give their horses the best of care and keep them for life.

Hillydale Sampson

11hh, 2YO Australian pony gelding.  Very sad sale of our gorgeous boy, by Mallwa Park Il Divo out of our lovely shetland, Redacres Thelma. Sam is now living near Sydney with a very excited young family.  There are plans to get him going in harness but for now he is a much spoiled pet. 

 Hollydale Dancing Queen

11YO 12.1hh Australian Pony mare.  Sold to a small local riding school who are repeat buyers.  Most of their ponies end up being bought by clients so we know she is in good hands. Consignment sale


11.1hh, 8YO Dartmoor pony mare.  After presenting us with the gorgeous Hillydale Felix, Suzie is now the beloved first pony of tiny Maddie, a five year old beginner who is super keen to hoon!  Maddie had a 9 month wait to get her pony and we hope her patience has been rewarded.


Denny II

15hh, 8YO ASHx QH gelding.  Now in Cobargo with a really talented young rider who is keen to take him showjumping.

Consignment sale.


Windsong Constellation

12hh, 3YO Australian Pony gelding.  Now in SA and getting broken to harness.


Binnawee Lockey

14.1hh, 9YO reg ASH gelding.  Gone to play polocrosse with a fantastic young rider. Consignment sale.



ASH x 17YO gelding.  A true gentleman, Blue is now down near Yass with a fabulous new older lady owner,moving the sheep, trial riding with beginners and taking in some clinics. A consignment sale, he is very much missed by us. 



Denny I

14.3hh, 13YO ASH x QH gelding.  Denny I is now in the Southern Highlands taking a teenager trail riding and to pony club.  Consignment sale



5YO Arabian Pony.  Gone to a fantastic equitation science home in Mudgee.  We started Rosie under saddle for her old owners when she was a 2YO, see pic below and we were delighted to see her again and enjoy furthering her education after two years of occasional rides by beginners.  We were very pleased to be able to hop back at the end of a six month break from being ridden and put her through her paces without any issues.  She's been doubling as a lesson pony while she's been with us and giving some beginners their first taste of canter.  A real gem and we thank her owners for consigning her to us. 



Jock-9YO Standardbred gelding.  Has gone to a fantastic home at Taralga Park Ponies to go trail riding.

Hillydale Spring Sonata-11hh, Australian Pony yearling.  By Mallawa Park Il Divo out of Windsong Serenade.  Our darling Tilly has gone to La Bella Park, an experienced show home in Victoria.  She has now been awarded multiple supremes in Australian pony and pinto classes. 

Narwarah Park Pussy Willow-13YO 13hh, Reg Part Welsh mare.  Now living with a lovely family nearby and has gelled with her young rider

Honey 6YO 14.3hh standardbred. Living with n experienced family in Yass and taking her 10 year old rider trail riding and to pony club

Marty-16.1hh bay standardbred. 13Y0.Marty is now working as a stockhorse on a very large sheep property at Juigong as well as giving rides to a pint sized 6 year old. He's such as soft and sensitive boy his little rider can manage him off the lead despite his large size.

Flip 4Y0 TB mare.  Has gone to a lovely home in Canberra to get started under saddle and go trail riding. 

Donatella 14.2hh ASH x QH mare, sold to a fabulous home nearby, we look forward to regular updates. 

Caspar-11.2hh, 7YO Welsh Sec A gelding.  Now living in Victoria and giving pony rides to the grandkids.  Consignment sale

Aspen Way Panache 6Y0 Riding Pony mare has gone to a lovely family in Kangaroo Valley where she has become the much adored companion of an 11 year old. Consignment sale we thank Allesandra Park for entrusting their beautiful girl to us. 

Hayley 11hh Shetland x Welsh mare, approx 16 years old. Is living with the same family as Panache and teaching a family of four kids how to ride.


Palmer's Imperium Consignment Sale. 12YO Reg Australian Stock Horse gelding.Has moved to the ACT to a very experienced and caring home to go trail riding and compete in dressage.

Elvonara Park Zanthea  Consignment sale. 13.3hh, Reg RPSB mare 5YO  Jezzy has joined Bailey (see below) up at Moss Vale with a fabulous family of talented boys.  We know in their capable hands she will go far.  Bailey is now showing the younger boys the ropes and we look forward regular updates. 

Kiabe Michaelmas 12.3hh Bay Welsh Section B gelding. Has gone to a very kind, patient home at Forbes to be the pony of a 15 year old boy who saved up his pocket money to purchase Charlie.  We bought Charlie as a rescue two years ago and he was not in a good state when he came home.  We get regular updates and he had really blossomed under the care of highly talented young rider.

Levantine Witchey of Loriot 12.1hh reg Riding Pony Mare, sold to a very knowledgeable home at Picton to go campdrafting and sporting. 

Winchleigh Areeyon Reg Welsh Sect A gelding, 8YO 11.2hh. Has gone to a fantastic home nearby to teach the grandkids all about horses where he is already everybody's favourite. Consignment sale.

Ripple Brook Magnum12.1hh, Reg Welsh B gelding, now living in Camden with an experienced and loving family where he has blossomed under their care.  A successful consignment sale, working with with a very caring seller we are very pleased to have been part of finding this special pony the perfect home.

Jacko13YO, 14hh Percheron x pony, a really sweet boy, Jacko has moved to Cessnock where is taking a nervous child and her family trail riding. Consignment sale

Crumpet- AKA Buena Vista Zeke- Reg Welsh Sect B, 12.2hh gelding, now living in Taralga at an excellent small riding school teaching a range of riders. A consignment sale, Crumpet found his new home without being advertised.

Blues 14hh, 8YO Medicine Hat Paint x Pony. Consignment sale, has moved to Tamworth to a simply lovely family where he is starting his showjumping career with his new 11 year old owner.

Myff Consignment sale.  One of our favourites, Myff has gone to a lovely home, in the Southern Highlands where she has really gelled with her 12 year old owner. 

Bailey Consignment sale.  12.2hh 5YO Arabian pony gelding, has gone to fantastic home in the Southern Highlands were his 9 year old owner is having a lot fun taking him to pony club. 

Cassie Consignment sale.  12.2hh 15YO pony mare, a very sad sale for us though we are thrilled with her new home.  Has moved to a large property near Gundagai with a lovely family to take the kids trail riding and do a bit of PC.  A real favourite of ours we will miss this special girl and look forward to regular updates from her new owners.

Windsong Primrose Morn (Jewel)11.3hh, Australian Pony Mare Started under saddle by us, has gone to live in Cooma and is off to pony club with her seven year old rider

Smokey 14hh, 5YO ASH x pony gelding.  Consignment sale Has gone to a fabulous home in Dural with Boots where he will be giving lessons and teaching the kids how to ride over jumps

 Doranne White Shadow (Boots) Will be joining Smokey in Dural giving lessons and showing some nervous kids the ropes with horses 

 Carlingford Park Saintly 13.1hh 5YO bay Registered Riding Pony, Arabian Riding Pony and Part Welsh. Consignment sale. Sold to simply fabulous home near the ACT where he is being ridden by a novice nine year old and continuing his education with adult riders. 

 Congarinni Foxtel 12.1hh Arabian Riding Pony, Part Welsh 6YO gelding.



Redacres Matti and Redacres Stefano Baldini  Reg Part APSB, Shetland x TB geldings, are going to live in Wagga with an experienced harness family and compete in pony trots

Belle- Reg Mini Horse. A tiny package of joy, letting this little girl go has been very hard.  A successful consignment sale but boy did we fall in love.  Gone to live up at Camden with a young family.  

Foxed 4YO 16.2hh Off the track thoroughbred gelding. Successful consignment sale. We are thrilled with Foxed's new home- has gone to a local eventer who is looking forward to bringing him on slowly and carefully over the coming months. 


Camelot and Bennie Two gorgeous and cheeky AMPS colts, they have gone to a lovely home near us to join a small stud.  We hope to catch up with them at local shows and see their progeny step out in the ring in a few years. 

Mandy A lovely 4YO TB mare, Mandy has gone to a really lovely new home to give a very nervous rider her confidence back.  We thought long and hard about keeping this girl she was so quiet and easy going, but with so many youngsters coming on we knew she would bring a lot of joy to a new owner. 

Lady Consignment sale. 16.2hh 8YO Thoroughbred mare, sold to a lovely home in Western Sydney and is taking an older lady trail riding and competing in dressage. 

Toby 16.2hh 6YO Thoroughbred gelding has been sold to Victoria to become a showjumper with an experienced family. Another successful consignment sale, we assisted the buyer by arranging for and delivering the horse to a vet check as well as delivering the horse to a transport company, all at no additional cost to the buyer. 

Poppin 9hh, 3YO Welsh cross mini pony filly. Has moved to The Rock to get pampered and be a compnaion to a well loved thoroughbred.

Wedding Carriage Business.A little out of our normal experience, we successfully arranged and negotiated the sale of a wedding carriage business on consignment to a very happy buyer in Queensland, proof that the Hillydale approach delivers great results for buyers and sellers.

Willow 10.2hh, 8YO Welsh cross pony mare. Sold to a lovely, experienced horsey home in Queanbeyan where she took to life as a kid's pony the very first day. 

Rhapsody Park Minuet 5YO 11.2hh, Welsh Sect B, Arabian Pony, Buckskin pony mare. Consignment sale.  Sold to a lovely home nearby.

Ecila Park Aatikas Angel  14.2hh 5YO Quarab Mare. Sold to Tasmania and competing in endurance as well as dressage.

Hillydale Polly 12.3hh Welsh X 2YO filly.  Started by us as a 2YO, is the reliable beginner's ride for a lovely horsey family along with a couple other ponies we've bred or started. They love the fact that they can leave her for months then simply hop on and ride .

Frodo-13hh 7YO Welsh A x Stockhorse pony. Another successful consignment sale, Frodo was sold to a fantastic home in Wollongong, without ever being advertised.   Is out competing in dressage, eventing and even a little endurance.

Miss Trish 12hh, Welsh B  18YO Palomino Mare.  Sold to a lovely home in Wollongong, proved to be an absolute star with her young rider.  Now retired and producing beautiful foals.

Thomas 7YO shetland gelding has gone to live with Laddie (see below).  Thomas was sourced by us specifically for his new owners, was given a few weeks of groundwork handling to ensure that he was suitable for kids and has become a much loved member of the family.

Wyngara Little Minx 5YO 12.3hh  RPSB, ASP, ARP, WPCS mare.  Has spent the past three years with a fabulous family in the Southern Highlands.  Now grown out of she is being enjoyed by a new family. 

Garfield  13.3hh 7YO gelding.  Still the much loved ride of a mother and daughter up in Sydney.  He was our first consignment sale.   

Willowcroft Regal Heir 9YO 14hh Riding Pony Gelding.Our lovely boy is now a fixture in the ACT, taking his young rider showing, PC and out on the trails. 

Powys Pied Piper 5YO 12hh Riding Pony gelding. Has moved to a local family as a lead rein pony for a four year old beginner and will be shortly taking her to pony club.  

Hillydale Simply Sasha 12hh Australian Pony and Part Welsh filly Has joined her sister Windsong Sweet Pea in Wollongong with a lovely family where she is now an elegant young lady winning numerous broad ribbons in the show ring. 



Sherry and Toby-now living in Bringelly on a Miniature Pony Stud. Toby will be stepping out in the showring in the new year. Sherry has gone on to have more foals and Toby has come back to Hillydale where he is now a member of the mini pony team with his dad Larry.

Chatsworth Carouse
l 8YO Riding Pony Gelding has joined a small riding school in Bigga where he will be teaching beginners.

Windsong Radiance-very sad sale of our lovely little girl, Chuckles has gone to a fabulous home in Oakdale to grow up with the kids.

Belle- 4YO Welsh TB cross mare.  Now living in Narooma and giving a 9 year older rider a great deal of fun and building her confidence.

Berwen Park Showtime-Triple Reg Australian Pony Mare-has now had several years on pony club with her young rider and is going great guns

Aspen Way Regal Valentino 5YO Riding Pony Gelding- now competing in eventing, dressage and showjumping with his 12 year old rider.

Dorranne White Shadow- 12.3hh 3YO Palouse Pony- Sold to a local home where he is taking am older lady rider trail riding.

Windsong Shakira -12hh 3YO Buckskin pinto Australian pony- taking a her young rider to pony club up in Queensland.

Windsong Sweet Pea-11.3hh Buckskin Australian Pony- now living in Wollongong and coming back to Hillydale to get started under saddle in 2011.

Angie- 10YO Bay Thoroughbred mare-gone to a lovely home in Wagga to go showjumping and trail riding

Lizzie- 7YO Thoroughbred mare-now living in Bega and getting spoiled- the whole family has taken to her.

Coco- rising 3YO filly-Has joined Angie in Wagga and is currently being ridden by an 8yo beginner rider.

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