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Beat the Nerves Clinic

Do you love riding but get the flutters or heebeejeebees when your horse does something unexpected? 

Does the thought of cantering make your heart race? 

Worried you won't be able to stop your horse when it matters? 

Dreaming of competing  but not sure your horse will handle the atmosphere? 

Just starting out and confused about why your horse doesn't do what you want? 

Our inaugural Beat the Nerves clinic is for you!

Using the best info that science can offer combined with practical experience and easy to apply techniques we'll help you understand what your horse is telling you so you can gain confidence and control, whether on the arena, out on the trail or at a show.  We've helped many riders improve their confidence and get their horses going calmly and softly, including child beginners and nervous adults. 

We'll work on your and your horse by improving your posture, timing and feel to ride or handle your horse safely.  Our approach is simple, based on the findings of the latest research by the world's top equine behaviour and training scientists and easy to apply at home.

We'll not only show what to do, we'll give you the tools to understand why- the first step to becoming an active and deliberate trainer of your horse- even if you're only a beginner.   We'll tailor each session to your needs and your horse and with years of experience teaching kids to ride we've got fun and confidence building  exercises for them too!

Our techniques are based on the system developed by the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre (www.aebc.com.au) but can be applied to any discipline or activity.  So if you just want a stress free trail ride or want to improve your position for the next dressage test we can help.  

Some of the things we'll focus on include developing a light and immediate stop, getting and keeping slow, improving turns, finessing the "go",  how to manage your anxiety so your horse stays calm, how to spot the signs of horse anxiety and tips to keep your horse under control when its feeling nervous

Our instructor, Cath Henshall knows what its like to feel nervous around and on horses and has developed a number of ways to manage the nerves- whether her own or the horse's  She is Horse Safety Australia Senior Instructor qualified and is currently engaged in conducting horse behaviour research as well as teaching the Diploma of Horse Industry Management at Illawarra Institute of TAFE. 

Clinic dates are: Friday 28 November and Saturday 28 November- venue in Goulburn or surrounds.

Lessons will be limited to no more than 2 participants to ensure you get maximum benefit.   If you'd like more information or to register your interest please contact us directly via the contacts page or call 4844 4354, email: ponies@hillydale.com.au


29 August 2014

BEAT THE NERVES!- Inaugural handling and riding clinic

Hillydale Equine will be holding our inaugural "Beat the Nerves" handling and riding clinic on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 November 2014.

If you are a nervous rider, new to horses or are learning to ride this clinic is for you! We welcome both kids and adults.

Applying the latest scientific knowledge about horse behaviour and training, and over 30 years of experience with horses, we'll help you refine the skills needed to safely handle and ride your horse.

Our focus is on how to correctly interpret your horse's behaviour in a range of settings and we will equip you with the technical skills to successfully manage that behaviour -even when you're feeling nervous!

We are Horse Safety Australia "Senior Instructor" accredited and your safety and your horse's welfare is our top priority.

Lessons are limited to a maximum of 2 participants. We offer both handling and riding sessions and each session will be tailored to the needs of you and your horse.

Venue TBC but will be in Goulburn or surrounds.

For more information please email: ponies@hillydale.com.au or call 02 4844 4354


 29 August 2014

ALISTAIR MCLEAN from the AEBC is coming to Goulburn in November- book now to reserve your lesson!

Alistair McLean is the head trainer at the Australian Equine Behviour Centre having recently returned from Europe.  Alistair is a  perceptive and confidence building coach and trainer with a lifetime's experience in the most rigourously evidence based and scientific training system currently available in Australia.

The two day clinic will be held on Friday 7th of November and Saturday 8th of November at a venue in Goulburn.  The clinic is already 75% full so if you'd like to learn from a gifted up and coming trainer please contact us via the contacts page or email: ponies@hillydale.com.au

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