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We know how frustrating and exhilarating it can be to search for that perfect horse or pony.

 How often have you found what looks like the perfect horse only to ring up and find out that it has been sold, or drive for hours and discover that beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, or that the "tiny scratch" is a gaping wound?  Or that when you get the "quiet beginner's horse" home it turns into a snorting panicky creature?

Our service takes much of the guesswork and almost all of the leg work out of finding a horse to suit your particular needs.   In this era of stretched time budgets and every day busyness we can do much of the early searching and winnowing for you so that you can be confident that when you go out to see a horse or pony we have recommended that you are very likely to be looking at a horse that will meet your requirements, including height, level of education, temperament and price.

So how does it work?

You tell us what you are looking for, your (or your child's) level of experience, what the pony will be used for, breed, colour, height, how much you want to spend and how far you are prepared to drive to try out the pony.

We then set about creating a shortlist of suitable candidates.  We search the many websites and magazines advertising horses on a daily basis as well as utilising our industry contacts.  As part of this process we contact sellers and get as much information about each pony before putting it onto the shortlist.  We then discuss the options on the list with you and  when you have decided which of the ponies on the shortlist you would like us to follow up we arrange to view and ride them on your behalf.  We then present you with a final shortlist including photos of both sides and front and rear views and an appraisal of the pony, its good and not so good points.

Once you have the shortlist it is up to you to decide which options you would like to see and yourself.  We then arrange a viewing time with the seller.  If you decide to purchase a pony we have located a finder's fee is payable to us in addition to the sale price (rates are negotiable based on the number of ponies we view, and how far we travel to view ponies on the shortlist).  We will not undercut or purchase any pony on a shortlist we have prepared for you except if you decide not to view or buy the pony.

Alternatively, we usually have a small number of ponies for sale that we have purchased/trained or bred ourselves and you are welcome to view them at any mutually convenient time.  We are very honest and up front about any horse of our own that we recommend and will advise if we do not think the horse will meet your needs or if it has health issues that will impact on its ability to do what you want. We offer a standard 14 day trial for all own broken in ponies and longer trials may be negotiated under special circumstances.  Conditions do apply, but in general, you may return a pony for any reason and we will refund the purchase price in full provided the pony is the same as when it left us.  

In some circumstances we may purchase a pony for you and if you decide not to take it on we will agree to keep it if you decide upon seeing or riding it that it does not meet your needs.  This may occur for ponies in "in demand categories" which are likely to be snapped up quickly.

Ponies taken in for sale on commission.  Training, agistment and commission fees negotiable.

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