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Welcome to our Question and Answer forum.

  • Does your horse do things that make you question your (or its) sanity? 
  • Are you puzzled by something your horse does that seems completely illogical? 
  • Got a training issue you're finding normal solutions don't seem to solve? 

Post your question here and we will try to help. 

If we can't develop solutions ourselves we will consult with some of our wiser and more experienced mentors or point you in the right direction of people who might have the answer.

We don't claim in any way to know all the solutions and we are always learning and questioning, and although we firmly believe that applying learning theory, via the Academic Horse Training method is THE way to ethically and humanely train all horses, there's still a mountain of stuff we need to learn.

Disclaimer:  Because we have no control over how any of the solutions or ideas we suggest are actually implemented we can take no responsibility for any outcome, good or bad.  We strongly recommend seeking the servicves of a qualified horse professional for any training or handling problem that is of concern.  We can provide the details of a number of learning theory focussed trainers who we highly recommend.

We also encourage feedback and discusssion on the ideas we suggest.  We welcome vigorous debate, respectful disagreement and passionate viewpoints.

Lets keep it civil and engaged.  Posts may be edited or deleted if abusive, off topic or disrespectful.

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